Metal Roofing

Like slate and tile, metal roofing is only as good as it’s installation. Planning must be made for thermal movement, run-off detailing, and snow and ice. The compatibility between the base metal and all associated fasteners and flashings has to be thought through. Minor details can affect the final appearance and the roof’s longevity.

Restoring the stamped steel shingles on this church spire took patience – the bats in this rural belfry had made a real mess of things. We duplicated the corner finials in new galvanized steel.

With it’s completed twin in the background, a bell tower dome roof gets hand-fitted copper pans. Our carpenters were there to install the curved battens in the foreground.

Custom hammered-seam copper roofing can solve unique and difficult roofing challenges, as can be seen in this base platform for the restored cupola being lowered into position. Designed into the copper roof are corner stanchions posts for a metal railing, and radiating support pads to keep the cupola up out of any standing water.