Porch Addition using Reclaimed BricksWe designed and added this new porch using bricks reclaimed from the main house. It has a quarry tile floor, limestone caps and mahogany doors and screens.

McCrone - Sunroom AdditionThis sunroom addition was built using original bricks reclaimed from the back of the garage. All of the pattern and joint details exactly copy the original on the house.

Rudell - Rebuilt Wing Wall with Reclaimed BricksMichigan’s weather had seriously damaged this wing wall. We were able to rebuild it with the original bricks, and duplicated the original colored parge finish on the top, which we finished with an exposed sand finish.

Peaches - Chimney Rebuild and Restoration with New Concrete CapSometimes just getting set up for chimney rebuilding is most of the work, as in this case when the chimney is directly over the main entrance of an operating inn. We disassembled and rebuilt these chimneys while adding additional design details to the poured concrete cap to help shed water away from the bricks.

Hendricks - Restoration of Brick WallWe repointed sections of this wall that had been worn and damaged – the new work is indistinguishable from the surrounding original mortar.