Porches & Entryways

Metz House in Heritage HillThe elements had gotten to the porch on the Metz House in Heritage Hill. We built identical new lower panels, installed a new wood deck, recreated and reinstalled all of the original ornamental elements, and installed a copper roof with custom built-in copper gutters.

Italianate farmhouse in MontcalmThis Italianate farmhouse in Montcalm County received new custom quarter-sawn oak flooring, while we repaired the column bases. We designed, fabricated and installed the upper porch rail from an original photo, just in time for a wedding on the lawn.

Colonial RevivalThe scale of this Colonial Revival portico required some unique planning to replace the damaged column bases. We removed and restored the wooden shafts and original composite capitals. While the shafts were out, we cast a very large latex mold around an original column base, then poured and installed eight new identical concrete bases. Finally, new concrete steps were formed and poured.

East Grand Rapids EntryThe original entryway on this brick home in East Grand Rapids needed significant repair, so the owner decided to have us design and build a new, more traditional and grand entryway with better materials. All of the elements were built in our shop from scratch; we topped it off with a copper roof.

1890s farmhouse in Montcalm County This unique 1890s farmhouse in Montcalm County – a vernacular design brought from Stratford, Ontario – never had a front porch, although it was clear that one was planned. Using contemporary pattern books, and some original examples the building provided, we designed, fabricated and installed an entirely new old front porch. Oak decking, local eastern white pine, iron handrails and galvanized roofing were used for authenticity.