Slate & Tile Roofing

McCrone - Resetting the Ludowici Spanish Tile RoofRoutine maintenance on this home in East Grand Rapids included resetting the Ludowici Spanish tile roof in sections, and replacing valleys and hip mortar.

Lee - New Black Slate Roof _ Custom Copper GuttersWhen the original asbestos tile roof wore out, the owners of this home in East Grand Rapids had us replace it with this beautiful black slate roof and added custom copper gutters and flashing.

Wege - Resetting the Ludowici Spanish Tile Roof _ Custom Copper GuttersSome remodelling work uncovered some concerns with the original installation methods of this distinctive roof in East Grand Rapids. We reset all of the original Ludowici Spanish tiles, added custom gutters, and replaced all of the copper window wells and flashings.

Tulley - Ludowici Empire Green Spanish Tiles, while _ Custom Copper GuttersWhen this home in Heritage Hill was built, a glazed Spanish style tile from a regional manufacturer was used. It had failed, and we replaced it with Ludowici Empire Green Spanish tiles, while also installing custom copper gutters.

Logan - New Ludowici Flat Slab Tiles - New Copper Fascia _ Built-in GuttersThe Amberg House in Heritage Hill was designed through Frank Lloyd Wright’s office and was built with Ludowici Flat Slab clay tiles. To reinforce and repair the deep sagging eaves, we had to remove most of the roof, and new Ludowici Flat Slab tiles were installed. We also replaced the crimped copper fascia and built-in copper gutters.

East Grand Rapids Home - New Ludowici Spanish TilesThis home in East Grand Rapids had an original concrete tile roof which was slowly disintegrating. The owner liked the look of tile, so we replaced the roof in sections using Ludowici Spanish tiles..