Traditional Gutters

Vanaalst Lake - Custom Copper GutterThis is an overview of some of the 450’ of custom copper gutter installed on a home in East Grand Rapids. Like all of our gutters, they feature detailed thermal expansion joints.

Heritage Hill - Custom Yankee GutterThe white band over the drip edge is a custom Yankee gutter we rebuilt on this large house in Heritage Hill. The gutter features a copper liner with full expansion joint design.

Heritage Hill - Custom Built-in Copper GutterDuring the restoration of this fine home in Heritage Hill, we rebuilt the built-in gutter along the front elevation. The copper liner continues up over the front edge to form an apron.

Deusberry - Terne Metal GutterThis important feature – an expansion joint – is part of all of our built-in gutter designs, in this example a terne metal gutter in a standing seam galvanized porch roof.

Garage Addition - Half Round Copper Gutter and DownspoutsOur fascia-mounted half-round copper gutter unites the look of this recent garage addition to the original historic house. The location of the copper downspouts was carefully coordinated with new buried drain tiles.

Moody - Custom Leader Boxes, Conventional Gutter and DownspoutWe can design, build and install custom leader boxes – functional or ornamental – as we added to this conventional copper gutter and downspout in the Ottawa Hills neighborhood.

Heritage Hill - Double Wall GutterFor this double-wall gutter on Heritage Hill, we duplicated the original outer fascia wall, but added additional expansion joint details and twisted the straps so run-off drops into the gutter instead of dribbling off the face.

Bryker - Rebuilt Yankee Gutter with Custom CopperWhen we reset the patterned slate on this tower in Heritage Hill, we rebuilt the Yankee gutter and relined it with copper. Also visible are custom soldered downspout offsets below the new copper chimney flashing.

Blodgett Estate - Copper Gutter RestorationFor the Blodgett Estate in East Grand Rapids, we replicated the original zinc by using lead-coated copper for the fascia, and a bright copper gutter liner. Note the original leader box and downspout, which we were able to reuse.

Barrett Chimney - Replacement of Original Yankee Gutters with Custom CopperOn Heritage Hill, the Metz House’s original Yankee gutters survived a century, but we finally had to replace them – cutting hundreds of detailed small wooden brackets – and reline with new copper, worked under the original patterned slate roof.