Traditional Metal Roofing

Winged Barrel Roof on Heritage HillRoofs with irregular shape and irregular maintenance do well to have a copper pan roof installed. Seams are hammered flat and soldered, making these durable roofs last for half a century. This winged barrel roof on Heritage Hill is having pans installed, and a copper gutter installation is visible in the background.

Copper Pan RoofsThese copper pan roofs show how a copper gutter is easy to integrate, and how all of the critical joints are soldered, not caulked.

East Grand Rapids EntrywayThe flared eaves of this East Grand Rapids entryway could be easily accommodated with a standing seam copper roof, which ties in visually to the upper copper gutter and downspouts.

Stamped Copper Shingle Roof in Heritage HillThere were many challenges on this Heritage Hill roof: concentrated run-off, multiple fussy penetrations, and irregular shape and tight work access. The owner chose a stamped copper shingle for the field, but the critical work came in all of the perimeter flashing, transitions and drainage. An elaborate and strong copper catch basin and downspout captures the runoff from one quarter of this roof.

Front Porch Standing Seam Metal RoofMany of the front porches on Heritage Hill have standing seam metal roofs. The pans for this replacement were bent up in our shop, and installed with a custom terne gutter.

Spanish Revival - East Grand Rapids DormerThis Spanish Revival house in East Grand Rapids has a dormer with a broken pediment, which creates a difficult shape to make weatherproof. We wrapped the pediment in sheet copper, with soldered joints, then tucked it under the polychromatic tile roof.